Sunday, September 26, 2010

ITBS & cross training

Went for and easy run today. At mile 5 my left ITB started bothering me so I came home. I've learned to stop running when things start hurting (in training anyways).
I hate when my body can't keep up with my brain. When I start feeling an injury I get the same kind of frustration and sadness you'd get when someone breaks up with you out of nowhere. Weird? Yea, I know. Me, my body, and running have a strange toxic love triangle and I hope one day all the bumps are ironed out in our relationship.
After my run I ate some pinto beans and rode 20 miles, which doesn't seem to aggravate my knee.
I rode in running shorts which crept up my thighs until it looked like I just had undies on. I'm sure that was a sight for everyone I passed.
It was beautiful out there. Rain, light wind, and golden trees. I love Washington.

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