Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Night running

Get into bed at 11:30.
I wonder if I'll be able to sell me car?
Maybe I'll go for a run.
No, maybe I'll fall asleep.
I wonder if that track coach is going to get back to me soon.
How can 1 pimple make the whole right side of my face hurt?
I bet if I drink some sleepy time tea...
I should go for a run.

Throw on the headlamp. Stretch out the hammies. Throw on this bad ass new Nike jacket with fluorescent blue battery powered visibility strips. Tron. Double bunny ear. Water.
Off I go.
The moon is beautiful tonight.
I don't need this damn headlamp.
Fucking thing sucks anyways.
Did I spend $25 on this?
Damn it. I'm never eating Thai food before a run again.
Random girl just flipped me off through the passenger window of a Toyota suv.
I wonder what she's mad about, it's 1am on a Tuesday.
Maybe her last boyfriend dumped her to go running at 1am more often without her running her loud mouth.
Nah, shes just another drunk nobody with a bad sense of humor.
I bet she's loud though.
I can't get away from the drunks.
I'm a little more tolerant.
Of drunks.
And myself.
I like me now.
I still hate drunk people.
The lake is beautiful.
Like a mirror.
They leave all the lights on at night?
I like the reflections.
This fucking headlamp sucks.
7:45/mi ?
Still not recovered.
Or it's just 1:40a.m.

I should be able to sleep now.

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