Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Putting together new training plans

I'm going to train harder for Seattle than I did for skagit flats, though I only have 10 weeks to do so.
Here are a few work outs/tweaks to my plan I'm going to include:

Double runs, one a.m. one p.m. (guess I'll need more shoes:)
Longer/more hill repeats
Running the last 3-5 miles of my LSD's 10 seconds faster than my marathon GP
Yasso 800's
Longer tempo Runs

If I can slowly incorporate double runs I can get my mileage up to 70-80 per week.
I'd like to say I'll work on my trunk more, but I tend to slack on those types of workouts.
I am also hoping to get a road bike soon to incorporate some good cross training.
I'll be heading out tomorrow for my first easy run to loosen up since the marathon on sunday, hopefully in the rain.

I guess I've missed it a little.

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