Thursday, October 14, 2010

I don't want to be frustrated anymore

I'm doing my best to get faster, but everythings aching.
I took 2 days off and went for an 8 mile tempo run today. My hamstrings almost immediately tightened up, my knees ached, and even my shins.
It's been 1 month since Skagit Flats Marathon and running has been anything but enjoyable.
Everytime I go out I get frustrated about something else that isn't working properly.
I'll be running the Olympia DeMolay 5K for public school sports this saturday.
I believe I'm going to take some time off after that, probably until 10/27 when we get back from CA (10 days).
If I do go out for a run, I won't bring my watch, I won't do hills, speedwork, or long runs.
I'll just go out and run according to how I feel.
I want to love it again.
The whole reason I started running was because it made me feel better, so it shouldn't be a frustrating activity.
I hope when we get back from vacation I can start training for that 50K.
Maybe training on trails will bring a breath of fresh air as well.
I can't wait to feel better.

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