Wednesday, October 27, 2010

my first day back

Today I went on my first run in 9 days.
I actually took some time off!
My legs feel great.
Wish I didn't have this cold, but c'est la vie.
I was romping over the fallen leaves by the old tumwater brewery listening to the sound of the freeway and the raging falls in the autumn afternoon sun thinking:
9 miles used to be my long run, and I struggled with that, now it's just another easy day.
I remember back in February when I first started running, busting through our apartment door drenched in sweat and out of breathe saying " Babe!....I just ran.... 3 miles at 7:45 a mile!!!"
My girlfriend said " wow! that's great!" looking at me like I might've lost a little bit of my mind.
She was happy for me, of course, but just 2 months earlier I was drinking myself into an early grave and smoking like a chimney, so this sight probably came as a surprise.
2 weeks ago I ran a 5K in 17:40, and 2 months ago I ran a marathon in 03:09:06.
It's amazing what you can push your body to do.
I've never had the same kind of satisfaction from anything else in my life.
I love running.
The only place to go from here is forward.

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