Sunday, November 21, 2010

First XC meet with Guerilla Running

It was an 8K at Wilson high school in Tacoma. (I'm 23 and just joined a post-collegiate team.)
It was not a good race for me.
It was very cold, too cold for shorts and a singlet.
I didn't have spikes so I did quite a bit of slipping on the wet and muddy areas.
The wind was blowing pretty hard, must've been high 30's, but the wind chill made it feel high 20's.
Even worse, my left shoes came untied!
I was fumbling around trying to tie it, had to take a deep breathe and say " it's too late to set your PR, just tie your shoe and keep running" I lost about 30 seconds there.
I finished 31:something so I didn't even hit my 8K PR of 30:08
Cross country is definitely a different animal that I wasn't ready for.
My last 2 races have been disappointing for me becuase I haven't hit my personal time goals.
I feel as if I've hit that "plateau" people talk about, but I haven't even been running a year, so I don't see how that's possible
One more race.
 a 4 miler on thanksgiving and then I'm getting back to the joy of it all with a high mileage - lots of trails - mostly mindless - 50K- training plan.
I'm ready for a "break" from

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