Thursday, November 25, 2010

Oly Trotting

Todays race (The 1st annual Oly Trot) was a great end to the racing season for me.
I loved the course and had alot of fun.
I did pretty well too, it was a 4 miler and I did 23:46
I'm pretty sure I finished 13th out of 323, 2nd in my age group. I'm happy with that.
There were some really fast guys there today, Joe Gray was there.
I want to be fast and sponsored one day.
There was some ice and it was very cold, but all in all I had a fantastic time.
There are two things I need to learn:
#1 How to save a little energy and use it at the end of the race (I'm awful at this)
#2 How to power down hills, because I didn't seem to be going a whole lot faster down hill today.
I haven't been so happy after the last couple races, so this was a good way to close the road racing season: On a happy note :)
I'm satisfied.
I'm a little nervous about February's 50K because I've been slacking on long runs the last couple months, but I'm excited for the new training plans.
Happy thanksgiving to all!

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