Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Damn it.

Maybe I shouldn't read  Anton Krupicka's Blog.
I read about his calf strain and two days later strained mine (on christmas eve) doing 800 meter repeats.
I know. It has nothing to do with it, but still, too much inspiration seems to result in injury.
I took saturday and sunday off with no physical activity and just rested.
I went back out Monday for an easy 10 miler and on my way up Barnes road about 3 miles into my run it started hurting again. By the time I was done I was limping.
I wrapped it up and went to work.
Needless to say I'm pretty... no, REALLY frustrated.
Why did I keep doing repeats when I felt it tightening up? I should've stopped. Instead I did 4 more. Idiot.
I'm 5 weeks away from the 50K and I'm limping around like some injured fucking garbage dog.
Anyways, I'll decide tomorrow if I'm going to take 3-5 days off and just cycle, swim, and work on my upper body. I've been icing it. I'm gonna take some naproxen and see how it feels in the morning.

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