Saturday, December 11, 2010

Training 12/06/10 - 12/12/10

Monday - 10.5mi in 1:15. Into tumwater and up barnes blvd. I like this loop. Barnes blvd is a series of deceptive hills, as soon as you think you've reached the top, you've got another hill to ascend. The only thing I don't like about this loop is the drivers. They are stupid. Never paying attention. I even smacked some ladies tail light when she cut me off. Dumb lady.

Tuesday - 8mi in 1:09. 6XColumbia hill with Craig and Martin.

Wednesday - 23mi in 3:20. I ran all over town. Up through tumwater. I hit almost every urban trail I could think of. Garfield, watershed, and priest point. This was meant to be a trail run, but I was too nervous to do the 18.5mi rock candy loop alone.

Thursday - 10mi in 1:55. Rock candy short loop. Bret Kenney and I explored this loop and it was awesome. It was pouring on the drive up but as soon as we got to the trailhead it stopped. It held off until we were coming off the trail and then it started pouring again. We ended up making our own trail up the peak from a service road which was awesome. Alot of thick forest and moss. I really enjoyed this run and plan on hitting the area again next week.

Friday - 12mi in 1:34. I did a 6-7mi warm up with Russell Wilhite and then I did 5 800M repeats @ 2:40 with 400M recovery jogs. Nice to do some speed work. Also nice to have someone to warm up with.

Saturday - 5mi in 48:00. Did not feel so good. My mind and body are both tired ( I need a red bull lol). I cut this run short, not because of the down pour, but because I felt burnt out. That's ok though. Rest day tomorrow and back at it next week!

Sunday - REST! and Seattle :)

Total: 68.5 miles.
Time: 10:01

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