Sunday, December 19, 2010

Training 12/13/10 - 12/19/10

Monday - 11.5 miles in 1:19. I ran out to to tumwater and SPSCC , then down around capitol lake. It was a bit of a tempo run, I did 8.5mi @ 6:30. Both of my hamstrings tightened up pretty bad and it was really rainy.

Tuesday - 6.25 miles in 59:00 at priest pt. park. Good run. I found the trails on the other side of the park which is awesome. I've only bee running ellis cove lately, but just over the bridge is a whole other set of trails!

Wednesday - 21.5 mile in 2:48. I ran from Olympia out to our old place in hawks prairie, then back down past the theater. I didn't enjoy this run. Lacey is full of really awful drivers, smells, and all sorts of other things. Good mileage, not such a good route choice.

Thursday - 9 miles in 1:04. Out to tumwater, then back down around capitol lake. I probably shouldn't have run at the pace, but I was frustrated with some personal stuff so I put on some good tunes and did a few 6 minute miles. It feels great to run hard when you're frustrated.

Friday - 7.5 in 1:15 with 1,500ft elevation gain in capitol forest. Craig and I ran up mt molly porter from waddell creek to see where the turn around for the mountain marathon would be. It was a great run. At one point there was a veiw of mt. adams, baker, and rainier. It was sunny, beautiful, and clear. The trails are pretty muddy, I busted my ass on the way down, but I seem to be doing that more often lately. At least falling in mud doesn't hurt. Profile:

Saturday - 7mi in 50:00 around capitol lakes. Warm then ladders. 200M @ 2K pace, 400M @ 5K pace, 600M @10K pace, then back down from 6 to 2 again with recovery jogs. cool.  Speedwork isn't that fun, but it always feels great when you finish!

Sunday - Rest. I meant to get up and go on a trail run in rock candy with a group, but I had to get some sleep. No I way I was running 16mi on 3 hrs of sleep. 

Total: 62.75 miles
Time: 8:14

A side note:

Today I've been sober for one year. I've had a few people who have really been there for me. Not asked why. Not offered me drinks. Just been there. To love me and understand that I needed this to have a better life. Dani, Mom, Beth, Laura - I love you. Having people who truly care about your life makes all the difference.
I am thankful to myself and running overall though. I decided that I needed this. And I did. And I found running. Or maybe it found me. Either way, running changed me. I've progressed so much in the past 10 months. I could barely run 3 miles when I started. Now I'm training for a 50K and finishing front of the pack in local races. I've got big dreams and plans. When I'm in my late 20's early 30's I know I'll be fast enough in the marathon to qualify for the Olympic Trials.
I had some very very dark times when I was in Arizona and when I first got back. I was lost. Some people know about everything. Some people don't. But I know that I wouldn't be alive if I had continued doing what I was doing. I would not be alive today.
I've channeled all of my addictive traits and emotional/chemical imbalances into this one passion and it has changed me.
I am thankful for everything.
Thank you.

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