Sunday, December 26, 2010

Training 12/20/10 - 12/27/10

Monday - 11mi in 1:40. Priest Pt./Ellis Cove. GEtting a little tired of this area, I'd like to spend alot more time in capitol forest.

Tuesday - 10mi in 1:12. Tumwater up Barnes road and back down to the lake. The right ball of my foot was bothering me.

Wednseday - 25mi in 3:16. Took the Tenino Chehalis trail to Yelm. I've always wanted to do this. The weather was great and it was a very nice run. I ran pretty slow and then did mile 24 in 6:30 and mile 25 in 5:50. BAll of foot and right knee hurt a little.

Thursday - 7mi in 1:05. Mt. Molly/porter #3 to trail #30. 1.500ft in elevation gain.  It was very stormy and I was a little on edge. Got a good scare from a white tail deer, thought it was a puma for a split second. I'd like to start trail running alot more. It's exhilarating!

Friday - 10mi in 1:15. Speework around capitol lake. Warm, then 6X800M in 2:50 with 1:1 recovery jogs. Rainy but nice. It was christmas eve so no one was out. I really enjoyed it. Pulled my right calf though. I knew it on my 3rd repeat but kept going. C'est la vie!

Saturday - Rest. Took the day off to trail run on sunday. MERRY CHRISTMAS! Dani got me a ton of great gifts. Running gear, clothes, books. I mean she did an amazing thoughtful job picking things out for me. She got me a book called Running through the wall: Personal Encounters with the ultra marathon. I've only read a few stories, but I'm not so nervous about my 50K now and I'm actually looking forward to running a 50 & 100 miler.

Sunday - I slept through my alarm and didn't make to the trail run. Pretty frustrating because  I skipped yesterday thinking I'd make it to this run today. I told craig that I'm just not going to make it to these Sunday runs. It just doesn't work with my schedule. I don't get to bed to 3a.m. and Sunday is my day with the GF to rest and have non-running fun. So this is an end to no sleep Sunday runs.
I am bummed that I took 2 days off this week because I was hoping to get close to 80 miles, which just didn't  happen. But it's probably a blessing in disguise. It gives my calf time to heal.

Total : 64 miles

Time : 8:18

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