Saturday, January 8, 2011

Training 01/03/11 - 01/09/11

Monday - 9.25 in 1:20 with 1,800 ft elevation gain at rock candy. Ran up to the summit of Rock Candy Mountain. It was a beautiful day, a little chilly, but the sun was shining and the views were amazing. I love trail running.

Tuesday - 7.25 in 55:00 at capitol lake. + weights in the a.m. Tuesday night work out with Craig and the guys. We did 6X800M in 2:45. Felt pretty good.

Wednesday - a.m. 5 mi in 55:00 at rock candy mt. Very stormy and cold. Once I reached the ridge on the service road it was covered in snow , the wind was blowing very hard, and there was close to 0 visibility. I decided to finish my long run in town.

                     p.m. 20 miles in 2:29 all around oly/tumwater. It was a wet, cold, stormy day and I ran out of energy. Didn't properly fuel myself.

Thursday - 11.5 in 1:33 around oly/tumwater. Didn't enjoy this. I was still burnt out from the day before and a lack of sleep and general busyness that has been my life recently. slugged along at a slow pace just waiting to be done. It was meant to be a recovery run, but I went a little too far when I made the mistake of feeling like I had a 2nd wind.

Friday - 7mi in 55:00 around capitol. I meant to go for a bit longer, but I ran into Craig and Rachel and just jogged around with them. Craig was on his 2nd run of the day so the pace was pretty slow. Probabaly a good thing because I don't think my body could've handled me acting like an idiot and running faster than I needed to. Plus they told me about/convinced me to go to the white elephant 5 miler on saturday.

Saturday  - 5mi in 29:35. White Elephant 5 miler. This was a very fun race. Put on by Jesse Stevick. Everyone brought a gift and whoever finished 1st got 1st pick and so on. I finished 4th overall. I'm pretty sure the top 6 were Guerilla Runners which is awesome! Got some ceramic candles and set a PR! what a fantastic saturday morning. I am going to have to do something about this job situation though. I'm getting really tired trying to get all of these miles in and working 40 hours a week and only sleeping 3-4 hrs on the weekend when I have a race + school. I've gotta have a change soon. So God, if you're out there, send me something else, because I know you made me to chase my dreams.

Sunday - Rest. Nada. Zilch!!! They day with me and my baybay.

Total: 65 miles ( less than I would've like this week, but a productive week training wise nonetheless)

time: 8:36

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