Sunday, January 16, 2011

Training 01/10/11 - 01/16/11

Monday - a.m.  10.25 in 1:15 Oly to tumwater up Barnes raod. Left shin was bothering me a bit.
                 p.m.  5.25 in 42:00 Felt sluggish. Left shin and inner knee were hurting pretty bad.

Tuesday - 1 mile. Got a 1/2 mile from the apt and I had to turn around. The pain in my raight leg/shin was so intense I was limping. Was pretty worried about making it to the race on Sat.

wed/thurs - rest

Friday - 6 in 1:00 at Ellis Cove. Pretty Stoked! My leg injury was still hurting, but not enough to make me limp or favor it, so I can make it to the race!

Saturday -34 miles in 5:55 at Capitol Peak Mega Fat Ass. A great race and a great experience. I think I love this ultra thing, I'll be posting a race report.

Sunday - Rest. DUH!

Total: 56.5 miles

Time : 8:52

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