Sunday, January 2, 2011

Training 12/27/10 - 01/02/11

Monday - 9.5mi in 1:09 To tumwater/up barnes road/mall loop. Rainy. Cold. I really wasn't digging city people and bad drivers. After about 4 miles my calf started tightening up and by then end of the run I was limping.

Tuesday Cycled 16 miles in 1:00

Wednesday - Rest. No long run. Letting my calf heal.

Thursday 8mi in 1:00 - Tumwater loop past SSR, around lake, down past waterfront. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and the cascades looked amazing from that crowes nest at anthony's. My cal also felt great which is fantastic news!

Friday - 13.1 in 1:33. Did my own little 1/2 marathon out towards tumwater and took some back road up past briggs nursery. It was another beautiful day, though I don't think the temps got past 30. Chilly. Did my last 3 miles @ 6:15 pace.

Saturday - 10mi in 1:15. Ran most of the capitol city 1/2 course from last year, which is nice. Another crisp sunny day!!! 8X100M strides at the end with 1:1 recovery.

Sunday - Nada! Rest. Finally going to get that weight machine, Then going to the melting pot for dinner. YUM! UPDATE: was supposed to be a rest day but mike reese and dani went to play some soccer at capitol high so I went to test my all out mile. Did a warm up then set a New PR: 5:06
The new racing flats are great. I did have some pain in the right sesamoid again. It was pretty intense right after the mile, but subsided.
Sunny crisp and great day:)

Total: 42.5 miles
Time: 4:08

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