Sunday, February 13, 2011

Training 02/07/11 - 02/13/11

Monday - Rest - Healing from Orcas. I've also been having something going on with my shin, which later this week I found out is just peroneal tendonitis. A relief to me! It hurts, but I don't have to stop running.

Tuesday - 6.25 in 45:30 From the apartment to South Sound Running and Capitol Lake. Maybe a little too quick too soon after the race, pulled the right groin a bit.

Wednesday - 2 in 25:00 at Ellis Cove. Pulled my groin on the run yesterday, a little painful.

Thursday - Rest

Friday - 9.5mi in 1:26 To tumwater, up barnes road. Easy pace then 4mi @ tempo. Shin and groin both a little painful.

Saturday - 3.75 mi. 5X Columbia hill in 1:30 per repeat. Felt good to get a decent workout in, but my groin and calf/shin where acting up today, cut it early.

Sunday - 1 hr cycling. Alot of rest days this week which is fine, but next week I'd like to get into the grind of things for the Capitol City Marathon training and Guerilla Runnings Mountain Marathon in 3 weeks.

Total: 21.5

Time: 3:15

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