Sunday, February 20, 2011

Training 02/14/2011 - 02/20/2011

Mon - 6mi in 1:00 at Ellis Cove. Got my new shoes today! Montrail Mountain Masochist. Loved the new shoes and I pushed the run pretty hard. Was a good day.

Tue - A.M. 6 miles in 45:00 on the SSR loop. Shin and groin hurt, sluggish but decent.
         P.M. 5 mi in 50:00 at ellis cove and priest pt. Nice, slow relaxing run.

Wed- Had planned on a long run, but the girlfriend and I split so I had to move my things. No sleep.
Thu - More moving. Less rest.

Fri - A.M. 5 mi in 45:00 at Tolmis State park. The trails are really muddy, but I am happy to have a trail loop with some decent hills close to my new place. Felt good to let off some steam and push it. Stomach got upset.
        P.M. 3 mi in 20 min around the new neighborhood. Just Checking things out. Not too bad :)

Sat - 8 min in 50:00 on the main road heading out towards Tolmie. It was a nice day. Sunny. Tried to hold my marathon pace and fell behind a little. I'm going to need to do alot more speed work in preparation for Capitol City. Shin and groin still hurting.

Sun - 13 mi in 2:45 on the hillbilly half course and rock candy. Was a nice run. Sunny. Snow. We even found some fresh cougar prints which was exciting. My shin and groin hurt really bad, I'm thinking it's time to follow the Dr's orders and take 7 days off while taking naproxen twice a day. I need to heal so I can run pain free again and get some higher mileage weeks in.

Total : 46 mi

Time: 6:30

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