Sunday, February 27, 2011

the tunnel vision is gone

I've been trying to come back from a couple injuries.
I haven't run a single mile in 6 days.
But there's a reason my body is trying to break down.
I went from barely being able to complete 1 mile in 8 minutes to running ultras in the span of 1 year...
I got tunnel vision.
Maybe even delusions of grandeur.
To be realistic:
I lack experience and don't know how to do things in moderation.
I'm not sponsored by a shoe company.
I'm not winning ultras.
I'm not Anton Krupicka.
I'm not Geoff Roes.
I'm a bartender.
I'm a musician.
There are a million little things that I let get away from me when running engulfed my life.
Don't get me wrong. I love running. I'm still going to run.  And I'm going to get better. I'll meet with Guerilla Running. I'll train. I'll run my races. I'll win few.  And when summer comes around hopefully I'll be doing a few 100 mile weeks, but I won't let the little things in life get away this time.
There are other things to enjoy and somehow I forgot that.
I'll leave my running obsession on the trails.
And when I'm back in real life I'll go to shows, maybe visit a vineyard, lay on a beach, be in love.
I'm not going to hold myself to such a strict nutrition plan and training schedule.
When I feel like resting I will.
I let the joy of running turn into a love/hate obsession.
Which is my fault. I obsess. That's always been part of me.
And I had to be where I was to get where I am.
But now that I'm here, things are different.
I'm still a runner.
But I'm a few other things as well.
I won't forget that.

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