Sunday, September 18, 2011

coming back

I've taken quite a bit of time off from running recently.
Well, to be fair I didn't really run at all the last 6 months.
But recently I started again.
And today, I ran a 5k.
It felt intense..
I showed up at 9:17 and the race start was 9:20.
I asked the guy if I was too late.
He said "It's about to start, fill out this waiver, if you don't make it, I'll give your $5 back"
The gun went off.
I hadn't even finished filling out the form.
Grabbed my race number and said "bye!"
I ran the race with my car keys and race number in hand.
I started behind the pack.
Finished somewhere in the middle with a time of 19:04.
Not bad considering it was my first XC 5K and I haven't been training much.
I want to be who I was as a runner again.
So it's time to clean up and make this a priority in my life.
Besides being enjoyable, I think it will be beneficial to my life, marriage, and family.
All of which I'm about to jump into :)
I'm back!

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