Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ventana canyon

Well I've officially started trail running in Tucson!
Today I ran for 1:35 with about 1,500ft vert up ventana canyon.
It was a beautiful run. The trail was VERY technical compared to what I'm used to running back in Washington, and I do believe you'd be liable to break your face if you mis stepped.
But it felt great to be out on the trails again. It was so quiet and beautiful up there.
The only reason I turned around so soon is because I got spooked for some reason.
I kept loosing the trail and thought maybe a mountain lion was stalking me. There was definitely no mountain lion out there.
Sissy Washingtonians!
I'm sure ill get used to the area after a few more runs. Id love to make it up to the ridge next time.
I love it here.

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