Sunday, March 11, 2012

Training 03/05/12 - 03/11/12

Monday: phoneline loop, sabino canyon. 9.5mi in 1:45. Slow run, unknown vert.

Tuesday: 5mi easy @ 7:41 on the treadmill + tennis with my wife :)

Wednesday: 35 min circuit work out, upper body.

Thursday: phoneline loop, sabino canyon. 10mi in over 2 hrs. Very slow run. Fun nonetheless and felt good not to push too hard.

Friday: rest

Saturday: up craycroft, down sunrise. 8mi, rolling hills, 800M repeats in 2:55 w/2min recovery jogs. Nice workout.

Sunday: rest

All in all it was a great week. I met and ran with Dallas Stevens, who runs TTR with his wife Renee. Super cool dude. Great athlete. I also met another guy from the group, Walter and ran with him Thursday. Fun times as well!
I'm excited for this coming week. Tomorrow Dallas and I are running 7 falls, and Sunday is a 21mi trail race up esperero.
Strange to look at my mileage from last year, but I'll be pumping out high mileage weeks in no time :)

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