Sunday, March 18, 2012

Training 03/12/12 - 03/18/12

Monday AM: 10.5mi in 1:50.
I ran out to 7 falls with Dallas. It was a great run. Got to see that there is aactually water in the dessert! Also got to run in the new mt110's and I'm tellin ya, these are the best trail shoes ever!

Tuesday AM: 9.6 in 01:27.
Set my own PR on phoneline! Still not sure what the gain is there.
PM: 20 min weight + 2mi in 17:00.

Wednesday AM: cycling: 25mi in 1:30
PM: 25min pool laps.

Thursday AM: 7.5mi in 2:00.
Trying to find esperero to check it out, but missed the trail head. Just a very slow, frustrating day.

Fri/Sat- rest.

Sunday AM: 14.5mi in 3:36
So I was all pumped up for this run/race with TTR. It was going to be the first one I'd run in about a year. Checked the weather, it said rain,showers, and snow. I kind of blew it off, because what the hell, I'm from WA, I can handle a little rain.
We started off with perfect cloudy weather in The 50's and I wish it would've stayed that way, but after about 30min it started pouring. We got soaked! Gloves,shorts, shells, hats, everything! Soaked. But we kept going. Esperero climbs 5,000ft in the first 8mi, so it was quite a work out.
Well, by the time we get to the 5,000ft  mark, it starts blowing gusts of wind and the rain becomes a mixture of snow and rain. Being that we just got soaked to the bone, we were all freezing. Toes, hands (I couldn't feel my hands) face, etc... And then it started snowing around 6,000ft. Snowing and blowing gusts of wind so hard it stung my face (guess these were those 40mph gusts). I was pissed and worried that it wouldnt be safe to go on since I was ill prepared and under dressed. I have literally, never been so cold in my entire life. Chatter jaw and everything, running with my hands in my pits, and getting whipped in the shins by desert plants. I was not having a good time at all. If you can have a good time in those conditions, in that attire, than you're out of your mind.
One of the guys I was running with had planned to turn around at 2hrs anyways, so when he did, I told the guys that I was too cold and that i'd be going back as well.
One of the guys said that was a good idea, a couple others we passed on the way back said it would be quicker to go over the saddle and down the north face, and that we were almost there.
I know I'm a college drop out, but I can do elementary math. It's a 21 mi race. We're 7mi in, so we can go 7mi back, or 14mi forward. Thanks for the motivation and/or trickery but I'm heading back before I loose an extremity. (J/k, I'm sure it wasn't THAT cold).
So we headed back the way we came, eventually got out of the snow and back into the rain and warmed back up. Enough to where I could feel my toes anyways.
Turns out most of the group, besides a handful of guys, had turned back around and called it a day.
Ben and I ran 14.5 mi in 3:36.
I hated it because of the the weather, but ill be back soon to finish it.
Hell of a run.
And it was nice to meet everyone from TTR, they're all good people.

Weekly totals:
time: 9:10
miles: 44.1
Vert: unknown

P.s. my hands were too cold and inoperable to get pictures of the snow/storm on esperero, but there's a good picture of 7 falls and my new and AMAZING MT110's.

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