Sunday, April 22, 2012

Training summary 04/16 - 04/22/2012

This week I ran a total of 59 miles, 10hrs and 10 minutes.
I had one double run day (hoping to get 2 in this coming week).
1 day of weight training and 2 days of bouldering.
I guess I'm finally getting used to the snakes around here too!
On Thursday, I was bombing down phoneline and I heard a rattle, I looked to my left and a snake fell right off the side of the trail into the middle of the trail. I turned around to look and sure enough it was a rattle snake!
Now, I know you're supposed to leave them be, but there's a ton of hikers on that trail, so I got him off the trail with a long stick. He wasn't happy about that.
A rattler in person sounds much different than a rattler on t.v. It sounds like dragging a dry stick across bumpy asphalt. It puts a pit in your stomach until you can see where it's coming from. I'm not sure if that's instinctual or if that's a learned reaction. Either way, it's a nice shot of adrenaline.
Today (Sunday) I ran bear canyon loop for my first time with TTR:
I LOVED this run. I did it in 02:45, which they tell me is a decent time, but I don't think so, and I think I can beat that by at least 15 minutes next time I run it.
There was quite a bit of climbing, and it did get very warm, but the views are amazing! And once you get to East Fork, the trail is very smooth.
We heard 2 rattlers, but couldn't see them because of the long grass on East Fork trail. We also had to jump over this HUGE snake in the trail. I'm pretty sure it was a Bull Snake. It was at least 2 feet long just chilling there, we had to run off the side off the trail and hop over it. Like we were some parkour trail runners or something.
Towards the end I just had to put on my head phones and blast out of there. Once I got down on the tram road I saw someone yelling at me and pointing, I guess I was running straight towards a huge rattler, just a swift little maneuver and I got right around him as well. BIG GUY!
Everyone seems to be terrified of rattle snakes. I'm not. I mean, it gives me a kick of adrenaline, excitement, and fear when I first hear them, but that's about all. It would really suck to get bit, but I'm in there territory ,just passing through, and they have every right to be defensive. It's a definite danger, especially during snake season, but it's not going to stop me from running. Besides, less than 1% of rattle snakes bites result in death.
Here are some cool links on some critters around here:

Fun stuff!

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