Sunday, April 29, 2012

Training summary 04/23/12 - 04/29/2012

I know I said I wouldn't post a monotonous training log, but I'm going to.

Mon - 0 miles. Bouldering & Core

Tue - A.M. 7.25mi in 01:19 up esperero to the first ridge.

         Bouldering in the afternoon with wifey

         P.M. 9mi in 01:30 with Benedict, whom I met at the festival of routes.

Wed - A.M - 10mi on the treadmil. Warm. 8 @ 06:58. Cool.
           P.M. - Bouldering/Core

Thu - 8.5mi in 01:20 to 7 falls and back.

Fri - rest

Sat - 11.5mi in 01:45. Up phoneline, then part of 7 falls.

Sun - 4mi in 1:00 up phoneline. I did not feel good at all. Lack of sleep, stress, long busy (and under staffed) day at the restaurant, excuses, etc... ended up walking most of the time, but it was relaxing.

So a little over 50 miles for this week. I wanted to hit 60 and then taper next week right before the wrighstown massacre, but what can I say? If you don't feel good, you don't feel good.
I ran 203 miles in April, which isn't anything spectacular, but I'm getting there.
I've had a ton of stress at work lately. Not the good kind either.

People think it's easy being a waiter.
It's not. (Read Waiter Rant by Steve Dublanica, if you get a chance.)
It's easier to run a 50K than to be a waiter in a short staffed restaurant.
It's slowly worn me down over the years and I'm done.
I'm ready to be part of something I enjoy.
I don't care so much about money.
I just want the opportunity to work somewhere I love.
Somewhere I can better peoples lives and sell products I'm passionate about.
So that's what I'm going to do.

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