Sunday, May 27, 2012

Training 05/21 - 05/27/2012

About 12 hours of running, 65 miles, and 8,000ft of elevation gain. That was my week. I suppose the word of the week would be.... Slow. I guess that would be the word of the month as well.
I did a little speed work. Some 800 meter repeats in 02:45 with 2 min recovery. I like doing my speedwork on the treadmill.
I guess I don't have much to write about. Nothing exciting anyways.
Though I did see a white nosed coati out towards sabino basin. That was cool.
I'd like to find a race to run nearby so I can see what my fitness level is looking like.
I'm really tired. My jobs been draining me mentally and I just don't have any pep in my step.
I'm just trying to focus on my long term running goals and I've also been really enjoying our new couch. It's really good for recovery ;)
I'll try to post something more exciting next week.

Blackets Ridge in the morning

 Gila Monster

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