Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunset Loops, Mt. Lemmon

Today I ran sunset loops with TTR. (7,760 to 9,100. 17mi)
It was a great day for a run! About 20 of us started off at the Sunset trail head at an elevation of 7,760ft.
The temperature was maybe in the mid 60's this morning with a light breeze.
This run starts of meandering through a little neighborhood of cabins  and pine trees before climbing a bit and then dropping down to Marshall's gulch.
The beginning is very runnable and well shaded.
I started late because my buddy mike needed to run back to his car for his Ipod. 
Needless to say, we were back of the pack starting out. Nonetheless, we quickly caught up to the group.
After crossing the creekbed in Marshall's Gulch we picked up the lower aspen loop and climbed to Marshall's saddle. From there we just kept following aspen trail, climbing up mount lemmon. By then I had decided to keep pace with Tim, who just two weeks earlier had completed his 4th 50 miler. 
We kept climbing and finally peaked out at 9,050ft.

The views from this rocky fire road were amazing. I really wish I had a better camera, because my cell phone just doesn't do them justice.

From here we began to drop down Mt. Lemmon trail.
This was amazing! It was well shaded and VERY RUNNABLE single track, which is hard to come buy when running with TTR because they are notorious for organizing very difficult, sometimes un-runnable runs.

After this descent we took a left on Wilderness of Rocks Trail. This was a very cool section as well. It was a bit technical, but something I'd never seen before. It looked like God had just picked up a ton of boulders and began making giant cairns so none of us would get lost. Again, the cell camera doesn't do it justice and I didn't even take pictures of the "God Cairns" 

Tim running down WOR Trail:

A picture of me by Ross 

Towards the end of Wilderness of Rocks Tim started bonking a bit and I carried on. I was feeling good, so I ran the rest of the way. Dropping down into Marshall's Gulch again was amazing, because the trail became less technical and I was able to hold a decent pace.
It wasn't a race, so this doesn't matter, but I finished first in 03:22. Not bad (or so I hear).
Renee Stevens did a great job RDing. 
If you haven't read her blog, please do, and PLEASE check out her header picture, it's priceless :)

At the end of the run I grabbed an Oreo cookie. I twisted it opened and stared at it smiling with a warm feeling in my stomach. I thought to myself: " I love Oreo's! It doesn't matter what's going on anywhere right now. This is the kind of happiness money can never buy." I licked the middle and then finished it off.
It was the best part of the whole run.
Sometimes it's the little things....


I finally stopped being so wishy washy and threw 2 races on the ol "money I don't have" card.

The Cuyamaca 3 peaks 50K on July 14th
 and the North Face Endurance Championships 50K on December 2nd.
I think that Cuycamaca will be a good race to judge my fitness level since the course profile is somewhat similar to the North Face Championships.
That way I can see how much harder I need to train between now and December.
Plus it's only a 6 hour drive from here.

Things are good as usual here in Tucson, AZ. And life is great.


  1. Korey - you "Rawked" that run - WTG! It really is one of the most beautiful runs we have.


  2. I've never seen anything like it! Especially WOR