Sunday, July 29, 2012

Double Wrightson Ascent

This weeks training went OK. I was fighting off a cold, which made it pretty difficult to get up in the morning, but I managed to get in some decent miles and I threw in 2 days of speed work.
That crap aside, today REALLY topped off my week.
I had never been down to the Santa Rita Mountains, so when Dallas said him and a couple of guys from the group were headed down to Wrightson, I was pretty stoked.
Me, Mike, Mike, Dallas, and Chris headed down there for a double ascent.
My first trip out and back was 10.8 miles with 4,000ft EG in 02:37.
My second trip out and back was 10.8 miles with 4,000ft EG in 02:16.
So a little over 21 miles with 8,000ft EG? Not bad for a Sunday morning.
I heard this somewhere:
“If you're not working on Sunday you should be in church and if you're not in church you should be doing your long run.”
I like that.
The old baldy trail is pretty intense, It's pretty much straight up, which makes for GREAT training and the views are fantastic.
The first ascent yielded some nice weather and decent views, but during the second ascent clouds started rolling in and by the time I was at the saddle there wasn't much visibility at all. At the summit I could here rolling thunder and I started to get pretty nervous, so I made sure to keep a steady pace on my way down. Well, as steady as I could. The footing is pretty technical and a 10 minute pace seemed to be all I could manage.
I got back to the parking lot just in time, because a monson had rolled in with lightening, wind, and driving rain. Mike and Chris got caught in it and they said the trails looked like small rivers!
Today was a great day.
Priceless in fact.

Mike Walker and Dallas starting out

Wildflowers and single track

The view on the way up

The elusive Mike Duer approaching Baldy Saddle during our 1st ascent

View on the way up to the peak

View from the top

A little rainbow in the clouds

Dallas doing what he does best

Pretty stoked to reach the top

Probably gonna be stoked all day!

Baldy Saddle during the 2nd ascent

Run off

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