Sunday, July 1, 2012

Injury update

I seem to have messed up my shin pretty bad when I tripped on phoneline and smashed it into a rock last sunday. I had taken monday off to rest and then I went out for a 10 miler Tuesday. It felt ok starting out, but by mile 5 my shin had tightened up so bad there was an unbearable shooting pain up my leg and down to the tip of my big toe. It took me an hour and a half to hobble home.
The next day the right side of my shin next to the gash got really swollen, like a tennis ball. I had trouble walking on it for the next few days. After some icing the swelling dropped down to my ankle and then finally went away.
It's still painful and the cut might be slightly infected, but its not debilitating and I don't have insurance so I'm not going to urgent care.
So that's been my week.
I'm not limping anymore and I was able to ride my bike to work the last couple days, but I can't run. And when I can't run, I feel a little useless and when I feel useless, I drink a little more, which doesn't do much for my mood, body composition, or the healing process.
Being injured just sucks.
There's less than 2 weeks until the 3 peaks 50K, so my body needs to do its thing and get me on my feet.
That'll be all. Y'all.

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