Sunday, July 22, 2012

Training 07/16 through 07/22/12

I kind of had to ease back into things after the race. It had been over a year since I'd raced that distance, but I feel pretty good! I think a lot of my speedy recovery is due to my improved wholesome vegetarian diet.
Here's how the week went:
Mon - rest
Tue - rest
Wed - A.m. blackets ridge, 6mi, 1,700 ft EG.
           P.m. treadmill, 2.5mi easy
Thu - A.m.  treadmill, 4mi easy
          P.m. phoneline tram road return. 9 mi, 1,000ft EG.
Fri - esperero to cardiac gap. 7.5mi, 2,000ft EG.
Sat - drinks and pizza with wifey!
Sun - A.m. 7 falls out and back, all trail. PR in 01:11. 8.5mi, 700ft EG.
          P.m. rillitto river, 8 mi moderate.

So that's that. I'm getting a little tired of being hot and having close calls with rattlesnakes, neither of those things seem conducive to my training.

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