Sunday, August 5, 2012

No quick fix

It's been a solid week in training.
No hang ups, no injuries, everything feels great. AND I beat my PR to the top of blackets ridge by 4 minutes. From SCVC to the top it took me 32:33. Pretty rad.
I'm sitting in the club house at my apartment complex waiting for this monsoon to pass and the lightening to stop striking, then I'll head back this way for my evening treadmill run.
Something I've been thinking about a lot lately is the way vulnerable people long for a quick fix to various problems in their lives and the way companies or self proclaimed deities exploit that vulnerability for financial gain. The "barefoot" movement being a prime example. The "spiritual school" I was brought up in being a more extreme example. From fitness and weight loss programs promising quick results, to spiritual leaders promising enlightenment, to fitness gurus promising speed, strength, and efficiency, to cosmetic companies promising a kind of "beauty" that is ugly in my eyes.
I feel a genuine distain for anyone who takes advantage of a weaker person. I've seen well educated individuals just as weak minded as high school drop outs. I've seen people with stress fractures from the same shoes that advertised less injury and better form. I've seen people throw away their entire lives for "enlightenment". I've seen people die who couldn't stop believing in false profits.
I've seen a lot for my age and if I told you my entire story you might think I'm a compulsive liar.
Someone who likes to tell stories.
And maybe you'd also think:
 "He's 25, and he thinks he knows everything like all 20-somethings"
I just want you to know that I don't know anything.
Except for that you should love yourself and the path you're on.

I'm getting slightly off track.
The point that I'm getting at in regards to running is this:
There is no quick fix and the answers you read now will be wrong next year.
Just run.

In other news: I got a new job!
I'm really excited!
It's at Pita Jungle.
I'm really stoked to be able to make some decent money again and to have more time for training.
This is my 3rd job since February.
So the economy can kiss my college drop out ass.
If you've been too scared to dig yourself out of your rut, then you need to grow a pair and make a change.
Life is too short.
And you only live once.

Like the strongest woman I know would say:

"Today is a good day."

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