Sunday, August 19, 2012

Training 08/13/2012 – 08/19/2012

Training 08/13/2012 – 08/19/2012

Monday – Blackets Ridge X2 (start @ SCVC, to top, back down to bridge crossing, back up to top, back down to SCVC): 3,400ft EG, 2:00, 10 miles.

Tuesday – A.m. Blackets X2: 3,400ftEG, 2:02, 10 miles. (35min to top first trip).
P.m. Treadmill: 7X400M in 82 seconds with 30 – 40 second recovery. 20 min, 2.75 miles.

Wednesday – Phoneline: 43 min to the JCT, relaxed back down. 1,000ft EG, 01:40, 9.5 miles.

Thursday – Blackets Ridge X2: 3,400ft EG, 01:55, 10 miles. (35min to top first trip).

Friday – A.m. Blackets: Slow, 1,700ft EG, 01:11, 6 miles.
P.m. Treadmill: Progressive run. First mile in 8:00, increased paced by 20 seconds every mile, last mile in 5:40. 00:55, 8.25 miles.

Saturday – Rest.

Sunday – Esperero with Mike, Tom, Renee, Dallas and Brian: Long. Slow. Hot. 4,000ft EG, 05:18, 21 miles.

Miles: 77.5
EG: 16,900 feet
Time:15 hours 01 minute

It's been another decent week in training. I'm not quite where I want to be mileage or fitness wise, but I don't want to push it too hard and end up with an injury. I learn a lot from the people in TTR and that's one of the things I try to practice: Train Smart. Also, naps are important. Tried and true.
A few of us did Esperero today and for the most part it was great. I ran with mike Duer and Tom Gromely most of the way. There was even some flowing water out there! There is something peaceful about the sound of water and that's one of the things I miss about Washington. The good thing is that there has been a bit flowing in the Sabino area lately.
One thing, well two things that roll into one category, that pissed me off today is: hikers. First off, don't leave your trash in pristine areas. It's bad enough that you defaecate near streams and trudge along at mind achingly slow paces and never get out of my way when I yell “ON YOUR LEFT!” It's simple really: be respectful and practice good back country ethics.
SECOND! Don't bring your rescue dogs that obviously should've been euthanized out onto trails that clearly state NO PETS. I almost got bit by a pit bull today when I came around a corner. The dog went berserk and came at me and even bit my water bottle while I was yelling at it to “GET BACK!”. There were 6 hikers standing around in their chacos looking dumb founded (they probably just smoked a doobie) and they did nothing until I screamed “Control your fucking dogs! Somebody grab this mutt!"
It wasn't the dogs fault though. I startled it and it was protecting it's owner. It was those back packing hippies who clearly have a complete lack of respect for the laws and guidelines set in place to keep our trails safe and clean. People like that don't deserve to have the right to be in the back country. They should just stay out.
Now, I'm not saying all hikers are filthy pigs who smell like bums and bring rabid dogs into the wilderness. My mother for instance is almost done with the AT. She can see Katahdin from where she is and  she is a respectable backpacker and woman. There are quite a few good people out there, but there's a handful that are just awful.
I guess I'm still a little fired up about that encounter as well.
Anyways! It's been a great week, my new job is going well and life is good!

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  1. Arizona really looks like Australia, or vice versa. If you run out of space up there there is plenty more of that down here. Proud of you Korey.

  2. Hey thanks Julian!
    Are there as many snakes over there?
    I hate these damn snakes.