Monday, September 17, 2012

Flagstaff Lodging

I waited until the last minute to book a place for race weekend.
I figured that it would be fine because it's not a holiday or anything special, but it turns out that most of the hotels are booked up due to some conference, a soccer game, and various other goings ons. Well, I stumbled across this:

Affordable and quiet.
I'm thinking it will be a good place to stay when I need a mini vacation and I need some altitude training.
Will update with a short review after the stay.


This place was great! Cozy, quiet and clean. It was so quiet in fact, that my ears would ring at night! I haven't experienced that in years and I can't wait to move to a smaller quiet town.
If you need somewhere to stay in Flagstaff, this place is great. It's far enough out of town where you don't have to deal with anyone if you want to be left alone, but close enough to where it takes 10 minutes to go get breakfast.

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