Sunday, November 11, 2012

Week ending 11/11/12

So this has been one of my "off" weeks. What's been happening lately is 2 weeks of decent mileage and high intensity work outs followed by a week of time off and low mileage due to the sudden onset of various injuries.
For instance, this week after Sundays run of only 15 miles and 4,000 ft of gain the top of my foot started to swell and by the evening it was the size of a baseball, so I took 3 days off. When I finally did go for a run, my left iliotibial band was screaming at me. I've never had a single problem on the left side of my body, so I can only chalk that up to not stretching before a tempo run.
Two of the three runs I did get in this week were quality work outs. I did an all trail tempo run to 7 falls and back and the following day I did 9 miles on the Rillito with 2 minute intervals @ 3K pace followed by 1 minute rest in between. So I feel good about that.
I really need to train smarter. Whatever I'm doing is working in terms of building speed and endurance but none of that matters if you're consistently too injured to perform at your optimal level. I don't really want to ease off because "easy" runs don't do anything for me, but I do need to figure something out. I would really like to hire Ian Torrence as a coach, but I just can't afford it at the moment.
I'm going to start with some deep tissue massage this week and hopefully that will iron out some of these bumps before the Mcdowell Mountain 50 mile, because I'll be damned if I drop out of that. I'd rather crawl through a finish line than ever drop out of a race again.
Also, look out for my review of the Asics Gel Fuji Trainer 2 within the next week or two. According to IRunFar, the original model has been available and popular in the UK for quite some time, but the update will be released world wide winter 2013.I am not a fan of low drop shoes, so the 6mm drop on the upcoming Asics Fuji Gel Trainer 2 will be pushing it for me, but I figured I'd give them a try since the Fuji Racer got good reviews and my very first pair of "real" running shoes were Asics 2150's which carried me from my first 5K to my first Marathon.
Thanks for reading!
And remember to keep it real.

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