Sunday, November 18, 2012

Week ending 11/18/2012

This weeks training Summary and some pictures:

Monday: Phoneline +. Easy. 1,000ft EG, 10mi, 1:40

Tuesday: Phoneline +. Steady. 1,000ft EG, 10.5mi, 1:30

Wednseday: Blackets Ridge x2 back to JCT (34min to top first trip) 3,000ft EG, 9.5mi, 1:45

Thursday: A.m. 7 falls. Steady. 500ft EG, 8.5mi, 1:10
               P.m. Road run. Steady. 6 miles in 39min

Friday: Phoneline to JCT. 1,000ft EG, 9.5, 1:25

Saturday: Easy road run on the Rillito. 7mi 55min

Sunday: Mount Lemmon Ascent. Started at Sabino Canyon Visitor Center and ran up the tram road to West fork/ Romero pass/ Lemmon trail. Around 19 miles with over 7,000ft of Elevation gain in 3:50. The last 4 miles took me a long time, quite a bit of gain there and I was bee-bopping around taking pictures, but it was very enjoyable.

Weekly totals:

80 miles, 13,500 feet of elevation gain, 12:55

Tram Road

 Sabino Basin


 The view

 From the top of Lemmon

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