Sunday, November 25, 2012

Week ending 11/25/12

Training Summary:

Monday - Rest

Tuesday - Phoneline + Blackets ridge from JCT. Stopped a lot to take video for the Asics Gel-Fuji Trainer review. 13mi, 2,700ft EG, 02:19

Wednesday - Phoneline to JCT. 9.5mi, 1,000ft EG, 01:30

Thursday - Peoria Thanksgiving Day Classic 5K. 17:14 PR, 9th out of 1,140 (give or take)

Friday - A.M.- Phoneline to Tram road and back. Steady. 10mi, 1,000ft EG, 01:30
             P.M. - Treadmill. Easy. 6mi, 45 min

Saturday - A.M. - Phoneline + Blackets Ridge from JCT.  13mi, 2,700ft EG, 02:07
                 P.M. - Treadmill. Easy. 5mi, 38 min

Sunday - 22.5mi, 3,000ft EG, 03:20. Started out around 10am and ran from my apartment to Sabino Canyon, up the tram road, down phoneline, up blackets ridge and back home. I kept a pretty steady 7 - 7:30 pace until I hit Blackets ridge. That climb took forever and it was getting hot. By the time I got back to the road for the final 5 miles home I was hot and exhausted. I just kind of trudged along. I drank 80oz. of water during that run and I was still 5lbs shy of what I weighed this morning. Needless to say I didn't feel very good when I got home, but I guess that was the point of this run!


82 miles, 10,400ft of Elevation Gain, 12:16

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