Saturday, December 15, 2012

Week ending 12/16/12

Recovery week!
Lots of rest and lots of good food.
A new member of TTR asked me earlier this week what I do for recovery. My short answer is: "I just listen to my body". That's what I do in theory, but honestly I'm an idiot most of the time and I run regardless of how I'm feeling. My diet is very high in fresh fruits and vegetables, which I do believe helps with the healing process and I try to get 8 to 9 hour of sleep per night as well cat naps if I have time. I guess I don't really have a "recovery plan" per se, just as I don't have a training plan, besides a 10 day taper period before races. I just go with the flow.
Anyways, yesterday Mike and I ran Bear Canyon Loop, which was awesome because a storm had rolled in, but my body was screaming at me and we probably should have called it a day at 7 falls. It was a lot fun to run through rain and snow, it made me feel like I was home again, but it looks like I really am going to have to listen to my body and take a few days off.

Here are a few pictures:

12/14/12 - BCL start @ 8:15a.m.

 Into the storm

Pretty stoked about the snow!

 My favorite dead tree

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