Sunday, February 3, 2013

Week ending 02/03/13

I decided to take today off. Partially because I'm trying to train smart, but mostly because my wife is making me keep my word (I said I was only going to run 80 to 90 miles per week training for OP50). You see, from last Sunday to this Saturday I ran pretty high mileage (for me anyways), but the way my training log falls, it split that mileage up. So technically I haven't run a 100+ mile week, but there's no fooling my body out of the fact that I ran 110 miles in 7 days, so it's probably best to rest.
Here's what my week looked like:

(Sunday - AZ trail 50K - TTR)

Monday: Treadmill. Easy/recovery. 7.5mi/1:00

Tuesday: A.m: 2 mile warm up on the tram road then Blackets Ridge: 32 minutes to the top from SCVC. 8mi/ 1,700ft EG/ 1:10

P.m: Up Craycroft to Swan and back. Tempo with hills. 7.5mi/500ft EG/00:49

Wednesday: Rillito River Path. Easy/recovery. 10mi/1:16

Thursday:  A.m: Blackets Ridge x 2. 34 minutes to the top first trip from SCVC. 30 minutes to the top 2nd trip from the bridge. 10mi/3,400ft EG/2:00.

P.m: Blackets with Mike, Dallas and Chris. 42 minutes to the top from SCVC. 6mi/1,700ft EG/1:20

Friday: Phoneline to JCT and back. 43 minutes to JCT. 9.5mi/1,000ft EG/1:25

Saturday: Esperero Canyon Loop with Steve. 21mi/4,200ft EG/4:18.

Sunday: Rest

Miles: 79.5
Elevation Gain: 12,500 feet
Time: 13 hours 18 minutes

AZ Trail 50K sunrise

 A view from the AZ Trail

 Bridal Veil Falls

 The view from cardiac gap

Gimme that sammich!

I've been rotating and training in both the Salomon Sense Mantra and the Brooks Cascadia 8.
I've been fueling with Clifshot Gel and Electroyte Drink.
I've been recovering with Clifbars and cheap turkey sandwiches.
And this has been my song of the week:

Thanks for reading!

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