Monday, February 11, 2013

Week ending 02/10/13

The last couple of posts here may be looking "Krupicka-esque" but I haven't felt terribly creative lately as far as writing goes and I haven't had money to buy and review any new shoes or gear. Plus my blogging style has always been slightly influenced by his since he was the first ultra runner I really looked up to and his blog Riding the Wind was the first blog I ever followed.
Hey, did you know? I got the name of my blog from the Iron & Wine song "Upward Over the Mountain".
"So may the sunrise bring hope where it once was forgotten"
Here was my week in training:

Monday: Seven Falls to "look out rock". Steady. 10mi/ 1,000ft Eg/ 01:19

Tuesday: Phoneline. Didn't feel good in any way. Cut short. 5mi/500ft Eg/ :45

Wednesday: Blackets Ridge X2. 34 minutes to the top from SCVC first trip. 30 minutes to the top from the bridge 2nd trip. 10mi/ 3,400ft Eg/ 01:58

Thursday: A.m: Phoneline down to the tram road and back. 10mi/ 1,600ft Eg/ 01:32

                P.m: Blackets Ridge with Mike, Steve and Chris. 40 minutes to the top from SCVC with headlamps. Nice relaxed pace. I always love the city lights at night from Blackets. 6mi/ 1,700ft Eg/ 01:10

Friday: A.m: Warm 2 miles, then 7 miles with hills @ 5:59 pace. Up Craycroft to Swan and back. 9mi/ 500ft Eg / :58

           P.m: Treadmil. Easy/recovery. 6mi/ :52

Saturday: From Steve's apartment to Finger Rock trail to Mt. Kimball. More power hiking than anything else for me on the trail. It's basically 1,000ft of gain per mile once you hit the trail head. Slow going on the initial descent as well because of snow and ice. This was a blast! It was definitely my favorite run of the last couple weeks. Steve is a very strong uphill runner, which I'm not, so It's always a challenge keeping up with him on  climbs. He's one hell of training partner and I'm gonna miss him when we move. 12mi/4,200ft Eg/ 03:30

Sunday: Sabino Basin with Steve, Mike Walker and some of the guys. Very slow relaxed pace until we hit the Phoneline/Sabino JCT on the way back, then Steve and I pushed it hard on the way in. Managed a mid to upper 6 minute pace on Phoneline. Steve and I jogged back from SCVC a mile to meet up with Mike and the guys adding 2 extra miles to the run. 16mi/ 2,000ft Eg/ 02:55

Miles: 84
Elevation Gain: 14,900 ft
Time: 15 hours

On the way up Finger Rock trail

From a look out

Steve climbing in the snow

 Me and my new beard

Naps have also been important

I've been loving this song this week and I think I love the video even more :)

by Bombay Bicycle Club


  1. Thanks for posting. Your blog is always an interesting read with good pictures and amazing run reports and times. I hike what you run and don't know how you do it.
    I also like this weeks song and video and it is quite the contrast to last weeks song ;-)

  2. Hey thanks for reading, Chris!
    and yes... I've got very diverse musical taste haha.