Monday, March 18, 2013

Week ending 03/16/2013

I took a full 7 days off after OP50. I am definitely glad I did that. Nothing seems to be bothering me, besides my always nagging PF, and I feel rested and ready for The Mesquite Canyon 50 Mile.  I also took this past week pretty easy, and suppose I'll do the same this week since the race is coming up on Saturday. I'll be camping out the at the park the night before which I'm pretty excited about. I haven't gone camping for years  and I've never camped the night before a race.

Sunday - Phoneline to JCT and back. 9.5mi/ 1,000ft EG/ 01:26

Monday - Past 7 falls to the top of the switchbacks. Felt good. 9mi/ 1,000ft EG/ 01:14

Tuesday - Douglas Springs. Ken and I hiked up Douglas Springs and jogged back down. Very relaxed day. Didn't anticipate the warm weather and ran out of water, but still had a good time. 17mi/ 3,400ft EG/ 04:05

Wednesday - Blackets Ridge. 32:30 from the parking lot to the top. 6mi/ 1,700ft EG/ :55

Thursday - A.m. Past 7 falls to the top of the switchbacks. 9mi/ 1,000ft EG/ 01:18

                 P.m. Seven falls with Steve, Becky, Mike D, and Tom. Gonna miss these runs a lot. 33 minutes from the parking lot to the top for me. 6mi/ 1,700ft EG/ 01:20?

Friday - Didn't feel like running, so I didn't.

Saturday - Still didn't feel like running, but ran home from Summit Hut after working the Spring Sale. Didn't have my keys, so I started running from home to my wifes work, but luckily she got off early and intercepted me, because the last thing I wanted to be doing was running. 5.5mi/ :42


62 Miles
9,800 feet Elevation Gain
11 hours

Just a man and his dog

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