Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Six Weeks

Six weeks seems like a long time to take off of running, in fact I've been putting six weeks of for almost six months now. In the beginning of December, 2012 I began to notice a pain in my right tibia. The pain would come and go, but it was very localized, I could pin point it with my index finger. As time has gone on it's progressively gotten a little worse each month. It makes me cringe if I press on it, it throbs sometimes when I lay in bed at night and there hasn't been a run where I haven't noticed it.
I haven't had insurance for almost 2 years, so an X-Ray or an MRI have been out of the question.  I had originally planned on taking some time off to let my body heal when we got to Ashland, but I was stressed from the move and from being unemployed (running is my escape from those things). I was also excited about the new trails and landscape. I just couldn't bring myself to take a break because I finally felt connected to my home and I needed to be out in the woods.
This morning I woke up and read Ana Frost's reasons for dropping out of Transvulcania and I finally realized that whether I have a tibial stress fracture or not I need to let myself heal before it becomes a more debilitating injury.
When we moved to Ashland I made a promise to myself to relax and to let things be; to live life at slower pace. I have been tested a lot lately, but I've been making a solid effort not to take myself or anyone else too seriously. I just let people be and let negativity roll off my back. Everything is what it is; including this situation.
It's never easy for a runner to take time off, but every now and then it needs to be done. So, for the next six weeks I'm going to be riding my bike around this beautiful hilly town, doing strengthening exercises in my living room and reading more books (about running, of course). I know I will come off of this injury a better, stronger runner.

I'll leave you with a song that has never felt more relevant:


  1. I read that very same artical today! Trust me, I understand what you're going though. I prolonged my injury by not resting and just hoping it would go away. I finally took a couple weeks off (not six) and it has gotten a lot better. It has been 6 weeks since it happened. I'm not sure if it is or was a fracture. I have started running again, very conservatively. I still feel a little pain, so I don't know if I'm being an idiot for running at all...? It is a challenging ordeal. Keep your head up.


  2. Thanks man! Yea, I'm going with the full 6 weeks. I know that if I spend $1,000 on exams, regardless if the doctor sees a fracture, they'll just say "take six weeks off". I've been putting it off for too long now and it's getting worse.
    Just stopped by your blog, like the new look and I'm glad to hear you're getting back on your feet!

  3. Time off is a good thing, you will feel so much better running pain free when you come back. I finally took some time off for PF and feel stronger than ever. On a side not, I see that you ran Skagit Flats Marathon several years ago. Do you have any comments about this race? I am thinking of using it as a last chance Boston qualifier if needed.

    Ed Osterhoudt

  4. Yea. It's all good! It will be nice to run without hurting.
    Skagit flats was my first and only road marathon, I had only been running for 9 months and barely qualified for Boton in 03:09. So yea buddy, it's an easy one! It is literally completely flat. They had this one section with a sign that said "last climb" and it was just a dip in the road lol
    I would run it again. It's nice out there. Farmlands.