Sunday, May 5, 2013

Week Ending 05/05/13

Sunday - 01:20/ 1,500ft - Down through town, out through Lithia Park, up Bandersnatch, home. Easy effort.

Monday - :45/ 1,300ft - Easy effort around local trails.

Tuesday - A.m. -  1:52/ 1,900ft - Long (ish) Down through town. Up through Lithia. Out towards Strawberry lane, back home

                P.m. - :30/ 0ft - Easy/Recovery on the road

Wednesday - 01:27/ 1,200ft  - Group run with RVR. Steady pace. Ran to RVR, then up through some local trails, up Bandersnatch and down some back trail I've never been on.

Thursday - :50/ 1,400ft - From my apt. to Todd Oredson woods and up looking glass, down chesire/ white rabbit.

Friday - :50/ 800ft - Very easy. Waterline etc.

Saturday - 01:00/ 1,00ft - Had to sneak this run in on my lunch break. Ended up being a tempo effort out Lithia and up Bandersnatch etc.


Time - 08:34
Elevation Gain - 9,100 feet

I am slowly working on getting my over all mileage back up, but I'm still dealing with some unresolved pain in my right shin that has been lingering since December. The good news is I love running here. I can't think of anywhere else I would rather live. I feel at peace out here in the trees.

I'll leave you with some pictures:

Near Emigrant lake

Ashland from the trails

Diesel air swimming 

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