Monday, August 26, 2013

Week Ending 08/24/13

Sunday - 01:19 - 1,700ft EG - Plaza/ Bandersnatch/ Rabbit/ Etc.

Monday - 02:29 - 3,800ft EG - Mt. Mcloughlin. 01:32 to the summit due to Bee-Bopping and photo taking.

Tuesday - OFF

Wednesday - 1 hour-ish - Speedwork. Warm, then 10 X 400M in 01:18 with 400M recovery jogs

                     P.m. 16 minutes easy. 2 miles home.

Thursday - 01:00 - 900ft EG - Around town. Thunderstorm and rain! Awesome.

Friday - 02:29 - 3,200ft EG - From home to Ostrich Peak and back.

Saturday - OFF

Time: 08:33
Elevation Gain: 9,600ft

Nothing too impressive this week, but it's been a while since I've felt 100% healthy as a runner. I haven't had an 8 hour week (minus SOB50) in quite sometime. It's been very challenging recently to get out everyday as I have been getting scheduled so many 12 hour shifts at work. General exhaustion aside, I feel pretty good.
Though it doesn't count as this weeks training, today I topped out on Mt. Mcloughlin in 01:17; 15 minutes better than last weeks summit. I think I can do 01:12 next week. 
I'll leave you with some photo's from today and a song which I took my new mantra from:

"Pain is healthy."


  1. Nice shots from McLoughlin, one of my favorite runs as well, such a fun and challenging one. Have you done Thielsen? You would dig that if you like McLoughlin. -Alex N-B

    1. Thanks! I did it like 4 time this summer (we moved here in April) It's my favorite run this neck of the woods so far. I haven't done anything else outside of Ashland, Can't wait to next summer though!