Thursday, September 12, 2013

Moore Mountain Runs 5K race report

I signed up for the MMR 5K in Klamath Falls on a whim because I hadn't run a shorter race in quite some time and I really wanted to work on my speed since I've gotten a bit slower over the past few months. So I signed up and I hit the track a couple times in the weeks leading up to it. I ran 19:27 to win and set the course record. Granted 19:27 is over 2 minutes slower than my 5K PR and I had been training for a 16:20. But this course wasn't flat and easy like I thought it would be.
The first mile was up hill starting out on a short stretch of pavement before sharply turning onto a single track ascent. The trails above the park flatten out, but constantly zig-zag and get pretty technical. There are good sized rocks strewn all over the trails; I tripped once and rolled my ankle. Fun stuff. The last mile is a fun zig-zagging descent back to the pavement with a great view of the lake (be careful not to take in too much of the view or you might end up on your face). And then across the field on the home stretch.
I had a lot of fun out there; it was a really cool event. They had great prizes, free swag and even a raffle giving away sweet prizes from their sponsors. I plan on heading back again next year, maybe for the 1/2 marathon. Thanks Linkville Lopers!

 Photo's by Monique Martin


  1. Hey see you ran them in the Scott Kinabalu. Still like them? I got a pair of the green ones and like them a lot better than the original ones.

  2. I do like them a lot! I've been alternating between them and the PI EM N1. I've got some N2's on the way.
    I like the look of the green Kinabalu better, but hopefully that new upper really does address the durability issues. I've got just over 300 miles on an older pair of Kinabalu's and the upper is tearing on both shoes; they're about to blow out.