Monday, September 30, 2013

Week ending 09/27/13

Sunday - Rest

Monday - 10mi - 1,200ft EG, 01:14 - Ran 9.5 of this at a tempo effort with hills before cooling down. Plaza/Hitt/Granite/2060/ TID.

Tuesday - 7.25mi - 1,200ft EG, 01:04 - Quick run up Park st./ White Rabbit/ TID home.

Wednesday A.M. - 9.25mi - 1,600ft EG, 01:23 - Park st./ Caterpillar/ Jaberwocky

                   P.M. - 8-ish mi, 2,000ft EG, 01:31 - Rogue Valley Runners group run. First time doing Pete's Punisher, which is now my new favorite trail. Then I bailed off caterpillar and took White Rabbit home by myself.

Thursday - 10mi - 1,000ft EG, 01:23 - Just bee-bopped around town on side trails. tired.

Friday - 7mi - 700ft EG - 00:55 - Easy run up walker/ 2060/ down to the park and home.

Sat - 16mi - 02:23 - 3,000ft EG - Got a few miles in running down to the start of the Siskiyou Challenge where I was running the "9k" trail leg from Granite st. up Bandersnatch to Alice in Wonderland over to 2060 and back. It didn't end up being 9K because I finished the loop in 25 minutes, but it was fun and made me feel good about my fitness. After that I did Pete's Punisher, down caterpillar, down White Rabbit and Bandersnatch back to Granite st. From Granite st. I followed the 6K course leg of the Siskiyou Challenge to meet the team at Science works. Pretty Solid day.

67.5 mi
9,100ft EG

Decent week, but still not quite where I want to be mileage wise. After Siskiyou Challenge I was pretty sore from running so hard (I clocked a sub 5 minute mile down 2060) so I'm taking a few days off to heal up. This coming Saturday 10/05 is Weaverbasin 50K, which I'm pretty stoked about.

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