Saturday, October 19, 2013

Week ending 10/13/13

Sunday - 9.5mi - 1,000ft EG - 01:21 - To the plaza/ Strawberry/ 2060/ TID

Monday - 12mi - 2,100ft EG - 01:50 - Plaza/ Pete's Punisher/ Caterpillar/ 2060/ Bandersnatch/ Plaza. Ran Pete's in 19:43.

Tuesday - 9mi - 2,100ft EG - 01:33 - Plaza/ Pete's Punisher/ Queen of Hearts/ Mike Uhtoff. Couldn't resist hitting Pete's again, but was tired and could only manage to run it in 23:28.

Wednesday - 8.25mi - 600ft EG - 01:09 - Mellow run. TID / Lithia/ Through town.

Thursday - X

Friday - 21mi - 3,500ft EG - 03:03 - This was a pretty solid long run. I ran down to the plaza then up to Strawberry Lane and took Hitt Road to Ostrich Peak. From the summit I went on No Candies for my first time which was pretty awesome. I wish I would've took the horn gap connector, but wasn't 100% sure where I was so I ended up taking 2060 back to Lithia Park. I ran the last 3 miles through town in under 18 minutes. Nice solid effort.

Saturday - 10.5mi - 1,600ft EG - 01:38 - Easy run. Clay St./ Oredson Todd Woods/ White Rabbit/ Queen of Hearts/ Alice in Wonderland/ Bandersnatch/ 2060/ TID.


70.25 Miles
10,900 feet Elevation Gain
10 hours 34 minutes

Still not where I want to be mileage wise, but I'm getting closer. I'm hoping to hit a couple 100 mile weeks before TNFEC in December, we'll see. Sometimes I'm lazy. Sometimes I'm busy. Sometimes I'd just rather go to happy hour. Even with all of that slacking I feel like I have gained a substantial amount of fitness since moving to Southern Oregon.

It's fall here in Ashland and it's beautiful. 

I also spotted a Cub and Sow on the connector off Pinecrest & Elkader last week 




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