Saturday, November 23, 2013

Week ending 11/23/13

My training didn't really work out as planned (when does it ever?) so I never got those 100 mile weeks in. I came down with a weird injury in my "knee pit" and had to take 10 days completely off plus another 5 days easing back in. I feel pretty strong this week, but ran 50 miles in the last 3 days and started feeling some pain back there again, so I decided to rest today. I was hoping to at least get 80 miles this week, but I think it's smarter to take the day off and not aggravate my leg. I'd rather risk having a sub par race at McDowell than not being able to race at all come December 7th.

Sunday 11/17 - 01:07 - 1,200ft EG - 4.5mi - Slow. Oredson/ Rabbit/ Looking Glass.

Monday  11/18 - 01:32 - 1,000ft EG - 9mi - Easy. Town/ Hearts/Strawberry.

Tuesday 11/19 - A.m. - Warm, then 4X Park St. Hill. Had to get a quick work out in before barista training. 00:26 - 800ft - 2.5mi.

                        Noon - Plaza/Lithia/Bandersnatch/ Rabbit. 01:05 - 1,800ft - 7mi

Wednesday -  A.m. 01:50 - 1,100ft EG - 11mi. Split up like this: 15 min - 2+mi from home to plaza then 45 min - 3+mi with work group then 50min - 6.5mi - 1,100ft EG up Bandersnatch and home. Started a new trail group at work to help get people active and enjoying the outdoors, that will be happening every Wednesday.

                       P.m. 01:08 - 1,000ft EG - 8mi - Oredson/TID/Neighborhoods. I left a little late and didn't realize how fast it would get dark. I ended up in pitch black back up in some neighborhood I don't think I've been in. It was a lot of fun.

Thursday - 02:58 - 3,800ft EG - 20mi - TID/ Plaza/ Hitt/ Ostrich/ 2060. My legs were feeling tired from the double the day before, but I sucked down a mocha clifshot and managed a steady climb. I hammered down 2060 pulling a few 6 minute miles.

Friday - 01:53 - 1,000ft EG - 11mi. Felt really sluggish and beat up. Met up with a Stefan and took it easy around Lithia Park.

Saturday - OFF

Totals :

73 miles
10,700ft Elevation Gain
11 hours 59 minutes

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