Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pearl Izumi Ultra Running Team 2014

Yesterday I received an e-mail from Scott Jaime that went a little like this: "On behalf of Pearl Izumi, I'd like to invite you to join the ultra team for 2014." I am super stoked! This is something I've been dreaming about since I stumbled upon the sport. I am beyond thrilled to represent such an innovative and supportive company who's products I truly love. Products that I can trust and stand behind 100%!
It's pretty amazing thinking back to the beginning of 2010 when I was 25 pounds heavier, smoking a pack of cigarettes per day and binge drinking all the time. I remember quitting smoking and running 3 consecutive miles for the first time. I ran at a 7:43 pace and I felt like I might pass out or throw up (or both). But I loved it! And I kept pushing forward. Now I'm here. In a beautiful town. With a beautiful wife. On an ultra running team with some of the best athletes in the sport. We're talking about guys that I've looked up to since I found out what trail/ultra running was. What a great way to end an amazing year.
2014 is going to be even more remarkable. I can't express how grateful I am for this opportunity. 



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    1. Thanks, Guy! Hope you're still out there rockin it too!

  2. Congrats, Korey! We're so happy for you. :)

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    1. Thank you, Gabriel! It's pretty exciting.
      Did you ever get any of those shoes we talked about? How are they working out?

    2. Well, I'm heading to the US this sunday. I bought a pair of Kinabalus online (crazy, right?) and I'll also go to a P.I. outlet store to check the Trail M2! I'm really excited about it (as though new shoes could boost my performance Hahaha).

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    1. Thanks, Jon! Looking forward to meeting you this coming year.

      See ya out there!