Sunday, May 25, 2014

Week ending 05/25/2014

Monday - 00:35 - 600ft EG - Easy recovery run around the Oredson-Todd Woods and White Rabbit.

Tuesday - 03:50 - 7,000ft EG - Long run including Ostritch Peak and 2X Pete's Punisher. 1st Pete's ascent in 00:24. 2nd Pete's ascent in 00:22. Not my fastest times up Pete's, but I'm satisfied.

Wednseday - 01:50 - 2,900ft EG - Medium long. Headed up Park St. to White Rabbit, dropped down Jabberwocky and then returned home via Bandernsnatch, Alice in Wonderland and White Rabbit.

Thursday - 01:24 - 1,600ft EG - Easy run up Tolman Creek Rd. to Toothpick, then home via Queen of Hearts and Mike Uhtoff.

Friday - A.m. - 01:16 - 1,500ft EG - Did some intervals on the Plaza/Bandersnatch/Alice/Rabbit loop: Warm, then 20X 1 minute intervals slightly beyond 5K effort with 1 minute recovery jogs, Cool.

Noon - Physio: Core work and EMS.

Saturday - 01:50 - 2,100ft EG - Wagner Butte for the first time with Joe, Brian and the Trail Butter Crew! Super fun run with amazing views. Couldn't ask for a better Saturday.

Sunday - 01:19 - Easy run to the Plaza and up through the park. Took 2060 to Queen of Hearts and White Rabbit home.

Total time: 12:04
Total Elevation Gain: 17,200ft

I feel pretty strong this week! This is the most vertical gain I've ever had in a training week, so I'm a bit tired and my left foot is giving me some guff, but all in all I feel good. I've had a solid 7 weeks of training which gives me quite a bit of confidence going into Beacon Rock.
I'll leave you with some pictures of the trails I've been training on:

The view heading up Hitt Rd. towards Ostrich Peak
A view of the valley from White Rabbit
Tolman Creek Rd.
Mike Uhtoff Trail

The view from Wagner Butte trail

Heading down Wagner Butte with the Trail Butter crew and friends

Trail Butter

The trail head to Pete's Punisher which climbs about 1,600ft in 1.1 miles
The pug does not care
Tempo song of the week

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