Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Rogue River Trail

Today I ventured out past Merlin, OR for a run on the Rogue River Trail. I promised myself that, since we are leaving Oregon, I would run as many beautiful and scenic trails as I can fit in between now and July 5th. So that's what I'm doing. It wasn't an intense run, but it was 20 or so very scenic miles with about 2,500ft of gain and loss.
I started out at the Graves Creek trail head and followed the trail to Black Bar. It was essentially an out and back, but I popped off the trail at various places to explore and take photos. The first 10 miles felt great, but after that I started having some serious pain/discomfort in what I call my "knee pit". I've had problems with my popliteus before, and I'd venture to say that's what's going on, but I know ADAPT will iron it out.
"Pain just hurts" so I still enjoyed the run in it's entirety. The views are stunning, the air is fresh and the singletrack undulates like rolling waves.
I'd love to run the 40 mile trail point to point one day.

The trailhead 
D-bag #selfie


The Rogue River

Rafters below

"And then the vulture eats you"

Natures ice bath


  1. These pics are fantastic, Q!!! I love the # of the selfie! So happy to see you out enjoying nature and packing it all into the stream of life before the 5th! Love ya!

  2. I want to say; You are an idiot for leaving that beautiful place. But, I am glad you are coming back to Tucson! I understand that you are missing what we have here, it's a great place to live. I am happy that you are soaking it all in before you leave. See you soon!