Thursday, August 14, 2014

Pulling the plug on the monster

I was really excited to test my limits at the 100 mile distance when I signed up for the Mogollon Monster 100. I was sure I would train. And train. And train. I imagined big weeks with epic runs in the Catalinas, but after moving to Tucson I've yet to do even one monstrous run.
Some of my lack of motivation may stem from slightly overtaxing my body in the heat. I was trying to push the pace pretty hard in 95 to 105 degree heat, mostly on exposed trails, before I was acclimated. Even though I enjoy the heat, I've never been able to run fast or hard in it, my body just doesn't respond well to it and I haven't gotten stronger or faster. In fact, I just feel tired and slow. Even my easy runs have been feeling difficult and I've only been running 60 miles per week with minimal vertical and no significant long runs. So instead of crawling my way to a 30+ hour finish, I've decided to pull the plug on the MOG100 this year.
The rest of 2014 is going to be exciting though! Since I won't be focusing on 100 mile specific training I'm going to focus on getting my energy back and dialing in my speed for the 50K distance. I will be heading up to Oregon in October for the inaugural Oregon Coast 50K and in December I will most likely skip TNF 50 Mile in San Francisco (for the 3rd year in a row) and instead run the Deception Pass 50K in Washington. What better way to spend a weekend back home than at a Rainshadow Running event?

See you on the trails!

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