Sunday, August 31, 2014

Week ending 08/31/2014

Monday - Rest

Tuesday - 01:00 - 400ft - Speed. Apartment to Tram Road. Warm, then 1 to 3 min at 5K effort with equal recovery, cool.

Wednesday - 01:12 - 300ft - Recovery. Apartment to 7 Falls to the 5th crossing. Very easy (and hot).

Thursday - 01:13 - 700ft -  Moderate. Steady pace on the tram road from the apartments with Sion.

Friday - AM - 01:10 - 1,000ft - Moderate. Apartment to Blacketts Ridge, not quite to the top out. Ran into Garett and started chatting , decided to meander back down. Easy on the way down.
            PM - 01:25 - 1,700ft - Moderate. Apt. to Blacketts Ridge. 0:35 to the top. Practicing my power hiking with

Saturday - 01:40 - 700ft - Moderate/ Hard with heat. Apartment. to 7 falls with Steve. Ears clogged/ blurry vision on the return.

Sunday - 04:20 - 5,500ft - Moderate pace, but easy on the back half after bonking (lots of hiking). Mt. Lemmon: Bigelow to Barnum Rock, back to Bigelow, down Bear Wallow to Sunset, up Marshall Gulch, up Aspen to Radio Ridge, over to the Observatory, down Lemmon rock look out to Wilderness of Rocks. Return via Marshall/Sunset/Wallow. Running with Catlow. He's one cool dude. It's nice trying to keep up with a national class mountain runner though I couldn't help feeling a little bad about my slog of an effort. I kept trying to get him to go ahead, but he'd wait for me at junctions and push me to finish so I couldn't cop out. It was a fun and productive day for me!

Total time: 12 hours.
Total elevation gain: 10,300ft

I suspect the reason I couldn't sustain Catlow's moderate long run effort come Sunday is because I did too many moderate/hard efforts during the week. I definitely haven't been running enough easy days since I've been back in Tucson and today that was made very clear.
I think I'm going to have to limit my group running to speed work days and weekend long runs, that way I can run 70% of my mileage at MY easy/recovery pace and hit the hard work outs on the nose.
Here are some photos from my most recent outings:

From atop Barnum Rock, Mt. Lemmon
"Where's Catlow" (Aspen Tr. to Radio Ridge)

Cooling off

Phoneline Trail

Blacketts Ridge

Sun setting on Blacketts Ride Trail

Moon rising after the descent

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